Kindergarten ( L.K.G & U.K.G)

The Kindergarten has two levels, the LKG and the UKG. Children are usually admitted in the LKG. But in certain cases direct admission to the UKG is made, provided the student has the skills and the age equal to that of the students of the UKG. The Kindergarten provides activities that allow each child grow developmentally, socially, physically and emotionally through 'active learning.

The school follows CBSE school curriculum accepted by Central Government

I-IV : English, Hindi, Malayalam, Mathematics, Environmental studies, Computer Science/Work Experience, Physical Education and Art Education.

V-VIII: English, Hindi, Malayalam, Mathematics, General Science, Social studies, Computer Science/Work Experience, Physical Education and Art Education.

IX-X: English, Hindi/ Malayalam, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social sciences, Computer Science, Physical and Health Education, Work Experience and Art Education.

The school follows co-educational system. Students who complete Class X will get CCE certificate of School Based Assessment covering their Scholastic and co-scholastic attainments in class IX and X which is prepared, printed and signed by the Board.


A wide range of activities aimed at the all-round development of the personality of each child take place in the school. They include music, dance, elocution, recitation, colouring, painting, drawing, quiz, dramatics, debating, athletics, picnics and exhibitions. The school organizes cultural festival and sports meets annually.  All these activities foster the spirit of participation, leadership and healthy competition, and the development of sterling character. Cultural activities are organized on a regular basis.


For greater involvement of parents and effective communication, a body named as PTA has been set up. The PTA consisting of representatives of parents from different classes and teachers acts as a consultative council.


The school has digital class rooms that enable teachers to provide students with multisensory learning experience which helps them improve their academic performance.