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Principal message


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Education is empowering; it is enlightenment knowing the unknown and flowering of the full potential. In essence education is wholesome development; it has to be every citizen’s most prized possession. In an age of global understanding, innovative technologies, liberal vision, diverse cultures and cut throat unhealthy competition, schools have, no doubt a vital role to play in moulding and shaping young minds.

Accordingly, every effort is made here to create and maintain a proper educative environment where character formation, discipline and a sense of responsibility are especially emphasized. Well, the task of teaching the pupils how to read, write, count and calculate is important but we cannot forget that the primary aim of education is moulding personality in the right way. The school encourages the pupils to aim at excellence not only in academic pursuits but also in every aspect of human endeavor to achieve perfection. Exposure to arts and sports too is provided. So that the pupils get ample opportunities to develop their personality and gain confidence. An atmosphere of mutual respect, a fuller understanding and helpful co-operation is also promoted. Its untiring efforts for the intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual development of the students make Stella Maris a school with a difference where in the words of Dr. Abdul Kalam, India’s former Honoured President, Children can ‘Transform dreams into thinking, thoughts into action and action into results.’

May God bless you all.

Sr. Kochurani Abraham